Teachers and teaching techniques

Teachers for each subject are carefully selected to ensure that they are well qualified and experienced in their respective fields of academic studies. Most of our teachers hold second degrees in their disciplines and have been engaged in teaching Cambridge courses for 10 – 20 years. They are also regularly monitored to ensure full compliance with their schemes of work and academic schedules.


Teaching techniques

We operate both class-based teaching as well as tutorial classes.

  • Class-based teaching and lectures deliver the factual materials, using appropriate topical examples and are augmented as appropriate with handout material, demonstrations and the use of visual aids.
    Teaching materials are designed in collaboration with other relevant staff for team teaching. However, overall responsibility for all learning remains with the subject teacher.
  • Tutorial Classes: Group tutorials are held to work through examples and practice problem solving. It is important for all students to have opportunities to speak and participate during each tutorial. Tutorial activities include students being encouraged to explain their answers to problems either in pairs, small groups or individually to the whole class.
  • Also, as students invariably do come from different back grounds, we do find it necessary to give opportunities for directed self-study and so allow each student to develop at their own pace to reach the acquired level for the examinations.
  • Homework is set weekly for formative assessment. These involve tasks for problem solving, calculations, reading as well as definitions, explanations and other elements of theory.
  • In addition to homework, there is monthly formative tests and these are done using the same styles of questions as those taken by students in their exams at the end of the course.
  • Laboratory practicals involve working individually and also in pairs, although assessment is normally individualized. Always, there is a strong emphasis on safe laboratory practice. Laboratory work generally emphasize the link between theory and observation, careful data collection and analysis.